Sunday, 27 November 2011

Why Now!!

Good afternoon to you lovely people who follow my blog. I am in a bit of a muddle at the moment. Unfamiliar computer, no Paint Shop Pro and in the middle inventing a new Christmas decoration. I know I should be inventing in the summer months but working on Father Christmas in July is not something I find relevant. Good business sense, but not relevant!
So, here he is, not finished, bit lopsided but I hope it is obvious that he is Father Christmas. He needs arms as well and needs for his beard to grow, then he is done. I shall be sending him, and his brothers out to special friends this year. Unless I have a sudden rush of making and manage to list some next weekend.
If I have not been given my old computer tools back by then I may have a nervous collapse, so watch out as you may hear me screaming from Wiltshire to Scotland and back.


  1. I wondered why the windows were shaking, Jean!

    Loving your beaded Santa, I think I need at least one of these to keep my beaded Angel company!

  2. I'm thinking the same Missy - those Angels and trees might just need a santa too. xx Can't wait to see the finished result Jean.

  3. Oooh, yep, I agree, I need one of these to join the angel I brought last year, that would be good!! Are you selling them on Misi, or somewhere else Jean? Please let me know if you have time, thanks!!