Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Pete from Bodrighy makes Crochet Hooks. Once I knew that I just had to have one and I am very very lucky because Pete and I have been doing some bartering and now I own a gorgeous Bodrighy Crochet Hook of my very own. Well, it could be called bartering, or that Pete and I exchanged gifts!

I do believe in having nice things if I can, it makes me believe my work will have more beauty too. I have pretty embroidery scissors with a hand made (by me) Hardanger Heart Scissor Keeper and I also have a hand crafted project box, also made from wood which I use every day.
I even keep my wool and patterns etc in a hand made cotton bag bought when I visited Australia.
I have probably spent too much money on these fine items but I do not care. Did you hear that 'Money Police' ?? I do not even buy them through the business!

I also HATE storing things in carrier bags. Carrier Bags are for carrying shopping home and then using as bin liners.

I just read this post back and I sound on the defensive. I do apologise. I was just saying! Have a lovely day whatever you are doing.


  1. I love those hooks so much, why not have luxury things to help you with your crafting and we always need to treat ourselves :-))) x

  2. Oh Jean I thoroughly agree! What better to give you pride in your work that some beautifully crafted tools with which to do it! I want to try my hand at spinning and had a look to buy a drop spindle. I don't want a cheap nasty plastic one or something made out of a pine dowel. I have seen some gorgeous hand turned spindles which I am saving up to buy. After all, if we take the time to make things out of the finest quality materials, why should or tools not be the same?

  3. Know exactly what you mean - I detect carrier bags for holding bits and pieces.

  4. What's wrong with wanting lovely tools and things to use. I'm forever buying pretty boxes to keep things in, nice jugs to hold pencils and paint brushes. I've been know to buy something because it'll look nice in a photograph with my jewellery.....and I pay for it myself too!! Enoy your crochet hook it's beautiful!

  5. Thank you Jean, just returning a favour. Nichola, I do drop spindles as well LOL (if I am allowed to plug) Russian, standard, Tibetan, what do you refer?

  6. oooh lovely! I am off to leave you a message on Folksy right now!