Friday, 28 December 2012

My newest venture

For a while now I have not been making jewellery. A few people have asked about my Christmas Tree Decorations, but not enough to make me wish I was still making them!
I am now into simple patchwork. Not the English kind, but the the American machine made. I am thoroughly enjoying it and this is the result of some of my leftovers. They come from a single size bed quilt made for Lucy, my middle grandchild. She loved the quilt and the dolly and sleeping bag. (I did not make Dolly)
My next project is to start English hexagon patchwork.
I will show you soon!


  1. Hi Jean,
    That is so sweet and beautifully made, your grandaughter must have been so pleased with her. Nice to do something different
    Sue x

  2. Hi Jean, this looks so pretty, all i can say about hexies are they are very addictive!!! i can't wait to see how you get on xx

  3. Thank you Sue, that is the third one. I do enjoy seeing how the scraps come together.

  4. Tracy, I have downloaded a template for hex and will get going when life if back to normal!! May be a while. .