Saturday, 26 January 2013

Little Scruff for Samuel

This little man is for my new little man. Samuel was born in August of last year and of course I had to buy a miniature bear from the lovely Jean Grogan.
I have her bears for his sisters so it is only fair. I also have two more in case my son wants to settle down and have children, but he can only have two as that is how many bears I have for him!

Anyway, Samuel's bear is just gorgeous, of course, and I wanted a vintage tin for him. This tin is an old Clotted Cream tin I found on eBay. Just perfect in size and aged looking.

Did you ever go on holiday to Devon or Cornwall and send a tin of clotted cream home for Granny? Happy days. This tin is still shiny bright on the inside but has oxidised on the outside with a few tiny paint spots on it. I like to think that someone's Grandad thought it was a good tin for bits and bobs and popped it on a shelf in his shed. I don't think he ever used it though as there are no scratches.

Well that is my news for now, if I was clever I would put a link on to Jeans's site. However, if you are reading this Jean, please put one in for me!


  1. What a fab idea and that tin is just perfect - just goes to show what people sell on EBay doesn't it?

    1. I have special tins and boxes doe all of them. I will do a blog with them all one day Chrissy.
      By the way, I am enjoying your new cards.