Saturday, 11 July 2009

Excited of Devizes!

Ooooh! I am off to Shaftesbury. Not to walk up the Hovis Hill, as we call it or anything cultural.

I am going to Stitch'n'craft for some beads. I have a new pattern that I want to make from seed beads.

Have not picked up my needle and thread for a long while but have a commission as well for some daisy necklaces so, off we jolly well go.

I will, of course, take a list....for the things I need. Then come back with a lot of things I do not!!!!

The last time I did seed beading was to teach this little baby. We all decided it was gorgeous BUT would probably make a bracelet next time. It is a lovely pattern and so simple but you have to count all of the time. So, for a necklace it is a lot of counting.

If anyone wants to buy the necklace or kit just ping me a message. Necklace £12. Kit £16 (Kit is from my previous identity, Three Jays Beading.

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  1. Try not to spend too much Jean- bead shopping what a lovely thought.