Friday, 10 July 2009

Sunshine Bookmarks

Do you like these! I was asked by the lovely Claire at Blue Stripes, on Folksy, to design a yellow bookmark for her daughter and I as always can not make just one. So, made two, I hope she likes one of them.

They are made from 'gold' coloured metal and 'silver' coloured metal and the head pins are gold filled and sterling silver.
I am very happy with them and tomorrow I have ideas for more. I am off now to look for a link for Claire.
p.s. Yippee, Claire did like my bookmark, the one on the right, and she bought it. shhh, don't tell her daughter. Goodnight folks.


  1. I thought both bookmarks were lovely-thankyou! I opted for the bigger one because my little girls is such an avid reader and she loves yellow so she deserves it! I can't wait to receive it, thankyou! xxx

  2. They are lovely - you don't often see yellow beads but your work has reminded me how pretty they look and there's something slightly retro about them too that appeals to me