Wednesday, 8 July 2009


Hello, I am fed up!

Not my usual state of mind but today I have a migraine. Only mild I am sure otherwise I would not be able to write this moaning minnie blog. But, to me it is not very nice. So, tiger balm and parecetamol and a choc chip cookie is my remedy.
That is it. Just to let you know.
By the way, I was playing with the settings on my blog and I realise that I have deleted some entries that I did not mean to. I am still trying to link to my other sites. Hopeless.
Tonight I shall be revealing the prize for my giveaway.

Now I am going to get ready for lunch is 11.36 a.m. and I am still in p.j.'s

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  1. oh hope your head clears soon. I do like the idea of a choc chip cookie as a remedy though :)

  2. It worked Alison!! I feel a lot better now. I have just arrived home and my headache/migraine has almost gone. So, drop more tiger balm and another cookie and I shall be right as rain.
    Thank you for your message x

  3. I am glad that the choc chip cookies worked- if that naughty Migraine sneaks back, give him the Ibruprofen and paperbag treatment.

    Big Hug Jean

  4. migraines are nasty, im glad your feeling better, i do like the cookie idea, may have to try that nextt time ihave one!