Sunday, 28 March 2010

New at Talking Beads

Last night I made a sale! Whooppee, so exciting. I have not made anything new for ages but last night, in desperation, I sat looking at the beads. Making, cutting up, wandering off and then coming back and messing about and failing.
Suddenly I spied the little marble stone beads that I have had for ages. Just a few, I sold a bracelet using the majority at Christmas. I made a pair of earrings, the same style as the red ones above.
I then tweeted about them, and Bingo, within half an hour they had sold.
Now I know that is very unusual, and normally you can list, tweet, blog, facebook, forum until you are blue in the face. However, I was then enthused to have a go and make more.
The result is the necklace and earrings above. I am very much in love with the necklace and REALLY REALLY want it myself!
I will be a good girl though and list it on Folksy and see if it sells. If not....!!!
Hope you remembered the clocks changing, I didn't and was really thrilled to see that I had slept in!
Have a good Sunday.

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  1. Well done on your sale! and i like the look of your blog too, nice

    Lots of love

    House of Istria xx