Saturday, 10 April 2010

Knitting Story

Good Morning, I needed to blog but no subject! I always like a photo on a blog and so went to my file to have a hunt. This button is from John Lewis and it is to go onto a jumper I half made for my grandaughter, Alice. I say half made. I made the back, worst bit as boring, the left front, could not remember how to do button holes so decided to do that later....then I made a sleeve.

I did as pattern told me. Increased every 4th row until ?? stitches. "Now measure and keep knitting with these stitches until ?? measurement." O.k.I Measured the sleeve and it was already longer than it should have been. Oh Shitake. So, my next move is to put it away into a bag and ignore it for 9 months!!!

A friend of mine was telling me how bored her Mum was as she had finished all of her knitting, it was during the snow and she could not get to the wool shop. Ping! I have some knitting she could finish for me, Emma! TWO DAYS LATER the knitting comes back FINISHED! But, with a note from the Mum congratulating me on the neatness and eveness of my knitting which was far superior to hers, my friend's Granny agreed! Imagine how I felt about that. Very very proud.

All I have to do now is learn how to read. :(

So, that is all for now. Off today to have lunch with some Wiltshire Misians (Misi Site Shop Owners!)Have a great Saturday.
p.s. John Lewis is a fantastic store. I bought the buttons but did not read the pattern properly (anyone surprised about that!) and I guessed the number I would need. A quick phone call to the Bristol Store, two days later they arrived in the post.
Brilliant service.


  1. Pics of finished jumper please Jean, btw they are sweet buttons.

  2. Lovely button!! Well done you for the neat knitting!! :-) xx

  3. I did not say I had sewn the buttons on yet Hennie!!