Thursday, 27 May 2010

I have found the Sales Fairy! Here she is on my keyring and she is staying there until I have a sale!!
No, not really. I am very pleased that she has been working hard for my during May and this is my homage to her. She is made with love and care and appreciation and I am letting her go to brighten your day.
She is for sale in my Dreamaid shop, so if you buy her you will be donating to a great charity.
I am completely useless, but lovely with it, and can not any longer put a link on a post. Used to be able to but not anymore...the link to my Dreamaid Shop is on the right hand panel of this blog. Unless I have lost that too.
Please have a look. x x


  1. You're not useless Jean...a little eccentric maybe but that's a good thing.
    To link, just hightlight the word or words you'd like to be clickable, then open the box to enter the URL (web address) by clicking on the icon that looks like a piece of chain.Enter the URL and that's it. Simples.

  2. What! I'll leave that with you then!! (to quote Nick, The Apprentice...)x