Wednesday, 26 May 2010

May Listing Challenge

Hello Again! This little bracelet is from my May Challenge over on Folksy. We are listing an item a day.
It is a great way to get a full shop which, according to 'the people in the know', is what you need if you want to sell. Full shelves and new items. Well, by the end of the month I shall have very full shelves. If I can I may join for June as well.
Sales and viewings are up, a little. I forum, tweet and facebook everytime I add something. I have it down to a fine art now. I can list and promote all of the above in around 15 minutes max.
I had intended to make a lot in the early part of the month but it did not last! I did not list yesterday's offering until nearly bedtime! So was up bright and early to photograph the bracelet so that I could list before breakfast today.
I am now working on a fabulous necklace, well fabulous for me! It is white and would look gorgeous for those of you with a tan. It even looks quite good on my old pink neck!! I would like to put something memorable on for the last day but this white one is as spectacular as I go.... Anyway, enough from me. Time for porridge.


  1. that's a beuatiful bracelet.

    I have certain targets to reach each day re. listing and it certainly is a challenge to keep it up so well done for doing so :)

  2. Thank you Sharon. I need a challenge or I am on here all day just chatting!

  3. well done jean, I'm away for a few days now, looking forward to seeing the rest of your listings on sunday