Sunday, 6 June 2010

Looney Listing

As I am in June Loones Listing Club this is today's looney listing!
They are from Mum's button box, and as I can not remember her wearing anything with them on I am happy for them to go.
I am wondering if vintage buttons, loose at £2 would be better if mounted onto a card and £5.

These are the sort of prices for carded buttons. I don't know. I have a stack of buttons still on the original cards, not complete. I shall see how I feel.
I will be listing too on Misi later.
I have decided to list something every day for the rest of June. I have been very lazy on Misi and the sales and views have dried up completely. So, for around a £6 investment I am showing that I still believe in Misi.
See you later.

1 comment:

  1. looks a much better bargain at £2.00 uncarded, I would say, but if you think people would pay £3.00 for the card, why not?? xx