Monday, 7 June 2010

At Last!!

I have sewn the buttons onto the cardigan!!
I have bought a skirt to match.
I am now ready to wrap and pack them off to Sydney and keep my fingers crossed that the cardigan still fits Alice.

In case some of you have not been following the saga of the cardigan!
I visited my daughter when she was pregnant with her second baby and whilst I was there Karen suggested that I make this for Alice..I then came home, ordered the very lovely and expensive wool from Debbie Bliss and started to make the cardigan as requested. After succesfully finishing the back, one side and 3/4 of the first sleeve I realised that something was amiss..I had misread the pattern and I was in serious danger of running out of wool.

So I did the only thing that seemed sensible, I put the whole lot into a bag and shoved it into the cupboard.

In January a very lovely lady finished it for me and just left me to sew on the buttons. I have just done that now, took less than half an hour.
Isn't it gorgeous?

I am now going to try and find the box with the Amigurumi pattern, wool, crochet hook (and I hope also to find a bag of patience in the box) and have a go at that.

See you in another year, or two. (I actually have a good friend in Wilton who loves to crochet. Wonder if she is free next January?)


  1. It's beautiful Jean! I really hope it fits Alice. Teamed up with the very pretty skirt, it's a beautiful little outfit.

  2. Gorgeous!! Really lovely :) xx

  3. that's lovely. You'll have to post a photo of her wearing it once it arrives down under

  4. Good idea, I will get a picture from my daughter.

  5. well done jean, better start another one now for her first birthday , lol xx