Wednesday, 4 August 2010

I am amazed to find that people are wanting our decorations in July! Yes, I took an order for 8 snowflakes in July...So, now the ball is rolling I am going to list these, two angels and a tree. I made these last year and they got lost at the bottom of the bag. I searched and searched at our final craft fair but they stayed hidden. I think chocolate and cream decorations are good. What do you think. Are you more traditional?
Anyway, I have also taken part in a swap on Twitter. I received such lovely gifts. A very pretty bead crochet bracelet from Mrs G Knits. Fabulous sunglasses case from PantsandPaper and a lovely beach bag from Harvey Crafty Cards.
This is what they had in return. A necklace made from seed beads.
The one in the picture is in all shades of brown and gold and reminds me of wet sand. It is for Sam at PantsandPaper. This picture is a bit dark. Mrs G had a purple one, the colour of the heathers on Bodmin Moor when we were driving to St Ives, and Nat at Harvey Crafty Cards should have received hers today, it is mixed blues and is so like the sea last Sunday at St Ives.
I am off to bed now, it has been a long day with work, ironing and beading!!!! See you soon x
p.s. Bother, the pictures came out on top of each other...I thought they would be one at the top and one at the bottom. :( Night x

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  1. I guess some people start their shopping early! People are making christmas cards already - NOOOOOO. Like the cream and chocolate look, makes for a change from traditional red and gold.