Friday, 8 October 2010

In the Beginning....

I was just looking for a photo for my shop and found a hidden file! It is ok, I was the one who hid it, then forgot about it!

I thought I would show you the first angels I ever made. That was 4 years ago. Eventually the ones you see today have evolved. Just by leaving off the wings and head I 'discovered' trees and then last year I saw a snowflake design in Bead and Button. So then I had the trio of Christmas Decorations you see today.

I have given you a link to my newest shop. I am going to concentrate on Artfire and Folksy from now on.

My Misi Shop is still there. I will not give up on it.


  1. they are really lovely Jean - are you going to make some more for this year ?

  2. Thank you girls, I think I shall make a pair and list, see what happens. I think the head could be smaller this time around!!

  3. well found jean, I do that too, glad I'm not the only one.
    joy xx

  4. Cute. Shame about MISI the way it has gone, but good luck with the other two shops - let us know how you do.

  5. pretty earrings & very festive - not surprised you've got orders for more of them