Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wakey Wakey!

I am up so you should be too!
Here is a link to my new blog, bit rambling (I heard that!) but it was very early.

When you are really tired the best thing is to go to bed and sleep it off! So, why am I awake at stupid 'o clock with sore eyes, aching shoulders and a headache? Not a good way to start the day is it.

Still, I did decide to start another blog on my new Artfire shop! Nothing like work to relax you when you are tired...

As you have not heard from me for at least 2 days I thought I would show you my new blog and the earrings that were requested by Lisa following my last blog. I have since made the pair of white earrings for Mia.
(I do wish I could work out how to place the images INBETWEEN the text!

Have a good Saturday.


  1. aha jean, the trick is to upload the pictures first, and then write the text in between them - at least thats how I do it and load the pics last one first and first one last. just off to find your new blog.
    joy xx

  2. Joy, you are a gem! Thank you so much.