Monday, 10 January 2011

At Last!

Just to let you know that I finished the neck warmer!
I finished it a while ago and forgot to tell you.

For those of you who do not know, I bought the most beautiful long scarf from MrsGKnits who has a shop on Folksy. (clickable link above) I had been wanting it for such a long time and when she had a sale I pounced on it. When it arrived it was even nicer in real life but so loooooong it dragged on the floor. When I wrapped it around my neck I nearly drowned in wool!
So, I unpicked some of it and re-attached the fringes and all was well. But - I had a big ball of gorgeous wool which I did not want to waste.

Hence the Scarflette purchased from
The patterns are PDF and so there is no waiting for the post. Also, there is a special offer of buy one get one free (I think the offer is still on, check her page to make sure)
I have cheated and sewn the scarf together and will add some fab wooden buttons I have. It just goes over my head and is so cosy under my coat.

I am feeling very sorry for myself today as I have a heavy cold so I may be sitting indoors wearing a think jumper and my new scarf!


  1. Hope feeel better soon.
    Gorgeous neckwarmer just whats needed in this weather.

  2. Love the colours in it. It looks cosy.

  3. Get well soon Jean.
    You did a great job of the neck warmer.

  4. Lovely ..... I need to start knitting again ....

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

  5. And you thought you'd need help!! Great job, Jean.