Wednesday, 12 January 2011

My Crochet!

Oh Dear! Just had a coughing fit. This dratted cold is getting on my nerves.

Anyway, in case you have not heard, I am now into crochet! But I am not at the stage of buying wool yet so using up my old stuff. I have not knitted for some time, except for a brief attempt to knit a cardigan for Alice last year, so the supply is limited. My crochet hooks are even older than the wool. I did crochet in Devizes Maternity Hospital in November 1973 and they date from there. I was able to crochet booties in baby 4-ply then!!

The knowledge is still in there somewhere but it is trying to retrieve it. This little sample is not perfect but it is double crochet, I expect. My current project is a mix of double and what I call single crochet. I made a chain approx 14" long and I am going to crochet until the wool runs out and see how big it is, then I will decide what it is! The wool comes from a cushion I almost finished around 10 years. It is a dark lilac with a slight heather mix look to it. We shall see.

This is all in the attempt to gain enough courage to start on an Amigurumi Elephant.
Yes my friends, an elephant. Luckily it is only around 4" I think. I bought the pattern last year from Misi. (Click the Title Link to see the picture.)
He is adorable, or he will be! Irene Strange (Noodle's Mum) was so kind when I bought the pattern and I feel guilty that I have only made the chain for the first component! Just discovered too that Irene is on Folksy too.

Right, things to do. I need to tidy the house as I have been lazy for a couple of days and I need to eat something healthy. I have been eating biscuits instead of real food for 3 days!

I intend to go to work this afternoon. I am not headachey, high temp and achy today, just coughing like a miner! So, I should be able to answer the phone between coughing fits!

Have a good day.

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  1. Hello Jean, looks like a good start to crocheting!! I have got loads of crochet blankets that my mum has made, they're great to keep warm with on cold days, and kids love them!!! Love the elephants, would like to have a go at them! Good luck, and show us when you have made one!! Have a good 'healthy' day, and close the biscuit tin !! lol x