Thursday, 27 January 2011

Sad Day

No Pictures. No Jokes. No Links.

I have now closed my Misi shops and removed all links to the site from my blog.

Good Night.


  1. Sad indeed...there have been more posts from Misi and mother since you left...all whining. If I can find the time to delist this weekend I will do so...

  2. Sad to see you go Jean, but as I have said 'See you on Folksy!!!' and the other site HeHeHe :)

  3. It's their loss Jean. I know Emma is being a bit more pro active recently but I feel it's too little too late. I don't agree with the way the moderators are behaving in the forums either as it's all too childish and amateur so IMO that was a bad move too. Granted she needs moderators but has she chosen the correct ones? Don't think so.
    Don't look back Jean, just look forward. You do well on Folksy and there's still Corriandr...have you ever looked at that site? I registered there a few years ago (2008 ?) when it first opened.

  4. I am totally stunned by what's happening there at the moment .... I certainly wont be using misi any more ....

    We do need to de another wiltshire ladies lunch soon .....