Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Angels at Dawn

As many of you know I left Folksy on principal. Mainly because they were bullying some of my online friends and taking away their revenue and secondly because they barred me from selling my angel charms.
I joined Support Hand Made and the girls on there gave me the ooomph I needed to reopen my Artfire Shop and get back in the groove.
This morning I was trolling around Folksy ( love some of the sellers on there ) and found 'my angels' but in a garish 'gold metal'
Cross and then fed up.
But, I decided to take my angels out of their box and start listing them on Artfire. I even found a mushy and sentimental edging for the image!
The keyrings were popular last year and so maybe I will not be too late for this year.
Apparently this weekend is going to be the busiest shopping day of the year as we will have all been paid for the last time before Christmas.
If you have some pennies to spend and want free shipping then pop along and look at my little angel, her name is Ruby.


  1. Good for you - the way Folksy handled it all was abysmal and hit out at the proper crafters and not at some who just bunged on some purchased cheap stuff with the hope of selling it off as 'hand-made'. Your beading must take ages and to say it does not fit the category makes me want to SHOUT.

  2. i for one know how beautiful your angel charms are Jean, so glad to hear you have found another outlet for them, i'm sure they won't hang around very long in your Artfire shop :)