Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Calling *Busy Little Chicken* and *Missy*

Hello Girls!
I am sorry to have to get your attention this way but I am embarrassed to say I do not know your real names! I tried to contact you through blogging but apparently the account I have that is enabling me to blog is out of date and I have to register again!! Never mind!

If you really want a Father Christmas then I am very very happy to list one each for you, but if you were being kind then please do not feel obliged.

Jean x x


  1. Hope you find them Jean. Are you listing my little father christmas?

  2. Hi Jean, sorry, my name is Debi (changed from Handmadeharry to Busy little chicken!!) I'd love one please! Where shall I buy it from? Do you have a shop, website, or on Misi?
    Let me know when you have time, and thanks for getting back to me!!
    Debi : )