Sunday, 15 January 2012

I have an iPad2

No, I am not boasting. Just saying, my lovely husband bought me one for Christmas. Fantastic. More than I could have ever dreamt of. To explain:

My lovely husband is quite unpredictable when it comes to gifts. One year I had a feather duster. Another year a stainless steel pedal bin. Useful, but not romantic. On the other hand, I admire a bracelet in a shop window in June one year, he offered to buy it for me, but I said it was too expensive. That Christmas he quietly presented it to me after all of our guests had gone home.

That is why we are still together after almost 43 years of marriage.

Anyway, I digress into soppyness:))

Just to say, I have not worked out yet how to place pictures usingmy iPad. I will be working hard to learn!!!!

Happy New Year.


  1. Lucky you with your iPad2 I'm sure it'll be loads of fun!
    I've hankered after one for some time but hints have not been taken...

  2. I thought Robert was not listening, so your hubbie could be biding his time?!

  3. What a lovely husband and a lovely present, I got an iPad too let me know when you find out how to add pictures to blog post I've been trying to work it out myself!

  4. What a nice surprise Jean - I'm sure you'll learn how to do your piccys soon.

  5. You are lucky but you so deserve it Jean as you are always so positive and generous to and about others.
    43 years! that's an achievement.

  6. I have an app now Tracy. It is called Blogpress and works!