Saturday, 12 June 2010

Looney Misi Members!

Here is my latest listing in the Looney Lister Misi Brigade. The Listing club worked a treat in May and I was so upset with the low morale on Misi recently that I decided to invest some money in listing a new item every day. At the very least I shall have full shops by the end of the month. The listings, if not sold! will still be there for the Christmas Rush so will not be wasted.
I feel sorry for any new sellers this year. They have had the downturn in the economy to contend with as well as the low morale of us 'oldies' because of the changes to the members side of the site.
Us Oldies have been a rather grumpy lot on the forums and I hoped that starting the Looney Listers it would bring more fun to Misi. So far I have been delighted with the response.
We have some great people listing something new every day and already the sales are coming in within our first week.
I have two shops and so I will be splitting myself between the two.
Please come on over and view me and all of my crazy friends!


  1. I hope you dont count me as one of your crazy friends, jean, I'd like to be the sensible one! Well done with your listings and the morale boosting.
    joy xx

  2. We are all a little crazy Joy! A blog a day for a year....I rest my case!
    By the way, shouldn't we be meeting for a drink sometime soon. I don't think we have met up this year yet.

  3. Well done for trying to boost the morale of all you MISI's. Although I am no longer on there, I do pop in now and again and read the forums - it is a shame that this year is so bad as it does dampen the spirit somewhat. Praise to you all that you soldier regardless.

    Take care, chrissy